Power Generation Modules and Emergency Diesel Generators (Zone 1 and 2)

We specialise in customised turnkey EPC projects for diesel powered generators, with electrical output ranging from 300 kW to 2,500 kW. Each module can be equipped with a variety of different starting systems (i.e. pneumatic, electrical, and hydraulic). Our modular design ensures that the generator can be transported and installed easily on site to meet various field requirements. Being fully tested and commissioned prior to delivery, they are ready to operate on site after installation with minimum downtime. Our modules are designed to meet zone 1 and 2 classification requirements, and up to A60 Fire Proof enclosure design.

Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) is essential packages in offshore vessels and platforms. The EDG operates when the main power generator of the platform or vessel fails. The EDG operates to supply power to the critical equipment to allow the platform and vessel to continue to function during emergencies such as main power failure, and the subsequent black start required to bring the vessel or platform back online.

We provide EDG package with high speed engines that are directly coupled to alternators. The alternator is a synchronous brushless revolving field generator, with a direct connected rotating brushless exciter. We integrate the auxiliaries to the engine, such as the close circuit radiator, the hydraulic starting unit, the pneumatic receiver tank and air compressor for the pneumatic starter, the electrical battery charger, the battery banks for the electric starter, the pre-lube oil pumps, the anti-vibration mountings, and the silencers, flame trap at engine air intake and exhaust gas cooler etc. Included in the EDG package are the Unit Control Panel (UCP), Local Control Panel (LCP), small power lighting, fire detection systems and fire suppression systems. The UCP we provide are capable of generator functions, interfacing with our customer’s switchgear for synchronization and load sharing with the main power generator (e.g. Gas Turbines), and interfacing with our customer’s ICSS for platform activities such as shut down.

For the EDG Package to be suitable for Class 1 Zone 1 or Zone 2 Hazardous Area application, we follow the ATEX regulations. Our engines, alternators, and electrical equipment and instruments are ATEX certificated, exhaust gas temperature is cooled down at 200 degree Celsius and below to meet T3 requirement, and gas detectors are installed at the air intake of the EDG package to monitor the LEL level of combustible gas, etc.

All our EDG packages are designed, assembled, inspected and tested in Singapore.