Fabrication Yard and Facilities

We have a large fabrication yard in Singapore with a private sea-front, which makes it convenient for loading out at any time of the day for heavy modules up to 2000 tonnes.

Our modern facilities and capabilities allow us to engineer, fabricate and load-out modular buildings customised and built for the onshore and offshore power, marine and oil & gas industries, and other large steel structures and equipment.

Fabrication yard details:

Open Yard Area : 30,000 M²
Sea front Access for Load-out : 210 Meters
Water Depth : Chart Datum 3 – 5.5 Meters
Able to Loadout Modules : Around 2,000 Tons
Berthing Capacity : Flat Top Barges, Floating Crane Barges,Tug boats


  • Office and Meeting facilities for Clients
  • Covered Fabrication Workshop
  • Air-conditioned Super Duplex workshop
  • Covered Warehouse
  • Air-conditioned Storage
  • Land Lifting Crane from 50 tonnes – 1,200 tonnes
  • Tool and Machinery for Fabrication Work

We utilize modern heavy plant equipment, tools and logistic facilities to manage our needs for designing, fabricating, installation, testing, commissioning, loading-out and storage of various modular buildings, including packaged electrical and mechanized structures and systems. Our incredibly strong concrete pavement has a loading capacity of up to 25 ton/m².

Profile Cutting / Pipe Spools / Steel Fabrication Workshop

Our covered fabrication workshops are fully equipped for CNC cutting and profiling of steel plates, beams and pipe spools, the pre-assembly and assembly of various steel structures, and welding and painting works.

Our air-conditioned workshop for the cutting and welding of SS316 and super duplex pipe spools provides a controlled environment by preventing contamination from dust and other metal contaminants.

Load-out Facilities

Our private sea-front grants us 24-hr access, making load-out and sea transportation extremely convenient. Loading out of up to 2,000 tonnes is readily available without any additional work required.

Warehouse / Air-conditioned Storage

Free-issued equipment and other valuable equipment are stored in our covered and secured warehouse. A temperature and humidity controlled storage facility is also available inside our warehouse for environmentally sensitive equipment such as ICSS, F&G and UCPS.

Office Facilities

Our headquarter/office, where our management and in-house design and engineering team is based, is situated within the yard, and there is close and regular communication between our engineering department, procurement department, construction department and our management. This close working relationship between all levels of our company allows us to address any site concerns immediately, allowing us to deliver all projects on schedule.

We also have fully equipped air-conditioned site offices for our clients to work in and to monitor the progress of the projects.