Angola Mega E-House

Block 15/06 offshore Angola East Hub Development Project
Armada Olombendo FPSO Project – Mega E-House

We were awarded the EPC Contract by Bumi Armada / ABB Singapore for the designing and building of the E-House for the floating, production, storage and offloading vessel (FPSO Armada Olombendo) built to operate at the offshore Angola East Hub Development Project.

  • We believe this to be the largest mega E-house ever built in Singapore, weighing almost 1,650 tonnes at load out. Despite its size, we completed this project in record time – from the signing of the contract to commissioning and load out only took us 11 months.
  • The E-House has a built in area of 2,500m2 / 27,000 sqft, and contains the FPSO’s electrical distribution system and control automation systems such as medium and low voltage switchgears, MV transformers, LV transformers, variable frequency drives (VFD), uninterrupted power systems (UPS), integrated control and safety systems (ICSS), emergency shutdown system (ESD), fire and gas systems (FGS), distribution boards, unit control panels, HVAC system, VESDA System and Inergen Fire Suppression System.
  • The structure of the E-House was also specially designed to support the large battery room on the roof. The battery itself weighs 80 tonnes.
  • The size and complexity of the E-House meant that the interior of the E-House contained approximately 90,000 metres of cables, which has yet to include the complicated customer interface cables leading from the exterior of the E-house. The MV transformer and MV Switchgears also required MV cables. All cables are fire retardant and fire resistant to IEC standards.
  • To support the large number of cables, approximately 7,000 metres of cable ladders and cable trays were installed in the E-House. To facilitate safety and movement within the interior, most of the cable supports and cables were installed under the 1.5m high raised floor.
  • The E-House has a built in area of 2,500m2 / 27,000 sqft, which contains various MV and LV Switchgears, UPS, MV Transformers, VFDs, HVAC system, Inergen Fire Suppression, F&G systems, Controls & Instrument Equipment.
  • The E-House is provided with 2x100% HVAC System having cooling capacity of 470 kW. The HVAC provider are suitable for Class 1 Zone 2 Hazardous Area.
  • The FPSO is owned by Bumi Armada Berhad, a Malaysia-based international offshore oilfield services provider who is one of the largest FPSO player in the world and an established offshore supply vessel owner and operator across Asia, Africa and Australia. The FPSO is chartered to Eni S.p.A., an Italian oil and gas major headquartered in Rome.

Key Information:

Weight 1,650 Tonnes
Dimensions 28.0m x 22.7m x 22.0m – (L x W x H)
Cable Length 90,000 metres
E&I Free-Issued 280 pcs
Cable Ladder 7,000 metres
Built-in area 2,500m2 / 27,000 sqft

Key Achievements:

  • LOI on 16 February 2015
  • First Steel cut on 15 April 2015
  • Structure completed by end of August 2015
  • The whole E-House completed in another record time of 11 months, delivered to Client on 24 January 2016